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Ultrafine pulverizer used by Sanqi powder powder

Sanqi, this Chinese herbal medicine has the effect of taking bleeding, swelling and intensive. In recent years, Sanqi Pharmaceutical powder has a good effect on vascular disease. Sanqi medicinal powder has been recognized by more and more people. Many people also When I saw business opportunities, I decided to purchase ultrafine pulverizer to produce three seven medicinal powder. Which is good? This article talks with you how to choose a three-seven-seventh powder ultrafine pulverizer. 超细粉碎机 After three or seven, it is a relatively hard Chinese herbal medicine, so for the crushing of the three seven, the use of the blade crusher is a bit of power, the process of playing the problem is easy to wear, and there are more Smoking, even burn the bad machine. To select a three-seventh powder machine ultrafine pulverizer, the graded pulverizer is a better choice. It is pulverized by a multi-stage crushing, and the material is pulverized, so that there is no such blade wear in the blade mill. 三七 Sanqi powder machine ultrafine pulverizer is represented by the high-efficiency water graded pulverizer of Qingdao, mainly through multi-stage crushing, can be fine and very fine, usually can be smashed into 180 mesh To 200 mesh, there are several features of the high-efficiency water grading crusher of Qingdao Micro. 1, the whole machine uses 304 stainless steel, the material is safe and reliable; 2. Use 3000W pure copper high-power energy-saving motor to ensure the reliable operation of the machine Even if it is a plug, it is not in the machine to smoke, and it can't be smoked; 3. The machine is easy to clean; 4, the pulverization speed is fast, the pulverization efficiency is high, the machine is reliable, in addition to the brand of motor In addition, the whole machine uses a pure copper cable, running stable; the high-efficiency flow of the high-efficiency water in Qingdao is mainly for Chinese medicine, like three seventh, stone ginseng, Cordyceps, etc., Sanqi powder machine The ultrafine pulverizer is suitable for the more suitable for Qingdao Micner.