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Ultrafine pulverizer - improve water absorption

How does the dosing metering pump in the ultrafine pulverizer increase the water absorbing performance to improve the difficulty of processing Chinese medicine technology, will it increase the difficulty of operation? Whether Chinese medicine processing will increase efficiency, this method is reliable? Let's take a look! 超细粉碎机 When the dosing metering pump is absorbed from the pool, if the self-discharge water absorption is used, the water absorbing pipe can be filled with water, and when the metering pump is started, the time of the irrigation exhaust is saved, and it can quickly put into operation. Improve the automation and reliability of the dosing metering pump. Self-purified water-absorbing mode is a highly reduced water level height of the dosing metering pump axis than the pool. This method is often used in the basement of the basement, and when placed, the dosing metering pump room is set in the basement, and the pool is set to the basement of the pump room or outdoor. This water-absorbing method, the water level of the pool is higher than that of the dosing metering pump axis is high, so that the water absorbing pipe is full of water, which can ensure that the dosing metering pump is automatically, and starts quickly. For buildings without basement, if the above self-filled water absorption is used. Because this building, the dosing metering pump house is generally arranged on the ground floor, and if the pool is set next to the underlying dosing metering pump room, especially the large volume of fire pool, it will take up a large amount of underlying area, the construction unit is general Will not agree. In this case, the pool is generally disposed outside the building, buried under the ground. This leads to the high water level of the pool than the electricity metering pump axis, and the dosing metering pump cannot achieve self-deposited water. At this time, this problem can be solved in the following ways. The inner manner is to install the water absorbent bottom valve at the end of the water absorbing tube of the dosing metering pump. The water absorbent bottom valve is actually a check valve, which guarantees that the water flow can only be passed from the water absorbent pipe without reverse flow, so if the water absorbing pipe is filled with water, although the pharmaceutical measuring pump axis is higher than the water level of the pool, There is a water absorbent bottom valve. The water in the water absorbent pipe will not flow into the pool, which can make the water absorbing pipe full of water to ensure that the dosing metering pump can be automatically automatically and started quickly. This reliability of such water-absorrectation is affected by the quality of the water absorbent bottom valve, for example, the water is not strict, water leakage, water water, water, the water is slow, the time is long, there is no water in the water absorbing pipe, resulting in the dosing metering pump Mann water is still needed during startup. The following water absorption can be used to compensate for this shortage. The second way is to use other water source hydration. It is based on the preceding water absorption method, and the tube is installed in front of the dosing metering pump out of the water control valve, andThis pipe is connected to the outdoor municipal water pipe or other external water source, water supply water in the water supply tube, supplementing the water leaking off the bottom valve, so that the water absorbent is filled with water. This reliability of such water absorption is affected by the outdoor water source, in the case where the outdoor water source is stopped, the water in the water absorbing pipe is possible, so it is possible to manually irrigate when the dosing metering pump is activated. The above is a detailed introduction of the method of improving the reliability of the water-filled dosing metering pump, I hope you can learn, in the future life, if you have a similar problem, you have to understand flexible dealing.