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Daily work operation of micro-gas flow pulverizer

As a manufacturer of gas flow, it is very important that the purchase of gas flow crushers requires certain professional knowledge. Microbian Xiaobian will introduce how the gas flow crusher produced by our company is running. The airflow pulverizer can be said to be a very common in crushing equipment. It has a very large market in the comminuted industry, and also has a very important status. 螺旋式气流粉碎机 In the pulverizer, for the material of the graded wheel, it is mainly to see what materials are graded. If the material is not high, the carbon steel can be used, if it is very high, it is necessary to choose Ceramic grading wheel. On the material of the pulverizer liner, it is necessary to see which material to be smashed, if it is a high hardness and is easier to grind, it should be used. If the cost is considered, alloy steel can also be used to reach the corresponding requirements. If the processing fineness of the airflow pulverizer does not meet the standard during crushing, it is possible to be worn or damaged in some parts inside the machine, and cannot work properly. Or the selection of the equipment has a certain problem that the fineness of its processing cannot meet the requirements. Finally, when the equipment is placed, it is necessary to put the position of the pressure relief valve to the wall, do not swing it to the people, avoiding the air flow to hurt people. About the airflow pulverizer, through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding. Everyone pays more attention, not only avoids the accident, but also improves the efficiency. It is made of high-tech production process - manufacturing from the vineal high temperature clutch synthesis method. The tube consists of three layers of corundum ceramics, transition layer, and steel from the inner to the outside, and the ceramic layer is formed in a high temperature of 2,200 ° C (Al2O3) to form a strong bond through the transition layer with the steel pipe. After the fluidized bed pulverizer compresses, after filtration, after drying, the fluidized ultrasonic air flow is introduced through the nozzle, so that the material is fluidized, and the accelerated material is integrated in several nozzles. The collision, friction, and cut the microcarriers of the particles. After the pulverized material is conveyed into the impeller grading area, under the action of the graded wheel effort and fan effort, the coarse powder is separated, and the coarse powder returns to the crushing chamber according to its own gravity, and the qualified fine powder is Airflow enters the cyclone, fine dust is collected by the bag dust collector, and the purified gas is discharged from the air.