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Ultrafine pulverizer - principle of pulverizing Chinese medicine

The principle and method of ultrafine pulverizer in crushing Chinese medicine, then how can you better use the equipment to achieve our expected results, now we take everyone to learn about it! Solid drugs are in the ultrafine pulverizer pulverization process, the ultra-fine pulverizer generally uses external mechanical force, partially destroying the cohesiveness between the molecules of the substance, so that the large block of the drug becomes small particles, the surface area increases. It is about to convert the mechanical process to a surface energy. The polar crystalline material such as a raw gypsum, and the borosa has a considerable brittleness, which is more likely to be pulverized. When pulverizing, it is generally broken into small crystals along the binding of the product. Non-polar crystalline substances such as camphors, ice sheets, etc., the brittleness is poor, when a certain mechanical force is applied, it is easily deformed to hinder their pulverization, and a small amount of volatile liquid can usually be added, and when the liquid penetrates into the fissure between the solid molecules Since the cohesiveness between its molecules can be reduced, the crystals are easily separated from the crack. Amorphous drugs such as resins, gums, etc. have certain elasticity, and a portion of the mechanical can be used to cause elastic deformation, and then reduce the pulverity efficiency, generally reduce the temperature (about 0 ° C) to increase the brittleness of the amorphous drug. Purify. The nature of plant medicinal materials is complex and contains a certain amount of moisture (generally about 9% -16%), with toughness, the less water, the more it is crisp, the more convincing, the more contributing to the characteristics before crushing Perform proper dryness. Thin-walled tissue medicinal materials, such as flowers, leaf and partial root stems are easily pulverized. Medicinal materials, adhesive or oil-free medicinal materials, bones, bones, and rs from oil, bone, and 则 则.