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The traditional Chinese medicine is set off a "Nugget" boom, and the ultra-microfin crushe

Since the reform and opening up, the Chinese medicine industry has also gradually developed, and it has also been questioned by many well-known people. It is considered that traditional Chinese medicine is useless, and traditional Chinese medicine is large. But there is a thing that causes the traditional Chinese medicine industry to develop rapidly. That is to get the Nobel Prize Event. Tu Yu won the Nobel Prize incident to push Chinese medicine innovation to the world's science and technology honor, and further stimulates the interests and enthusiasm of domestic and foreign medicine. Nowadays, China has sent huge attention to Chinese medicine, and there is even a "Nugget" boom. But what is the development of a crushing industry that is closely related to the development of Chinese medicine? How to smash the Chinese medicine, how to get higher efficacy, more solubility? 超微粉碎机 It is understood that the ultra-microfin mill of the Chinese medicine has been developed in the market, and now it has been important in the market. Chinese herbal medicines are important. If the working principle of the ultrafine pulverizer of the traditional Chinese medicine is simpler, when the material enters the pulverization room, crushing by the rotating hammer to achieve the ideal crushing effect, the smashing material will automatically enter the catch bag, and the remaining dust is sucked The dust box is filtered through the bag. During the entire production process, the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer can realize the environmental dust, high efficiency utilization, low enterprise cost, and convenient cleaning. With the continuous maturity of ultrafine pulverization technology in traditional Chinese medicine, it will play an increasingly important role in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Below, the author introduces some small methods for improving the efficiency of the Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer. 1. Hybrid pulverization is appropriately treated in a prescription, all or some drugs are combined together. Most of the medicinal materials in the compound preparation were pulverized using this method. Crushing and mixing operation, high efficiency. However, when the prescription contains a large amount of viscosity and oily ingredients or animals, meat, meat, and bone, it is necessary to be pulverized after special treatment. Common methods are: "string", "string oil", steam tank ", etc. 2, a single pulverization method for pulverizing a monopoly drug. This Law is suitable for: valuable fabrics such as ice sheet, musk, bovine, antelope, etc., toxic medicine such as horse money, red powder, etc. , Male, etc.; resin gum, such as frankincense, no medicine, etc. There are also many situations that require single research, such as drugs that need to be extracted separately; due to hard work in pollination drugs, it is not smashed with the aftertaste, but the millBroken medicines such as three seven, tones, etc. Some important fine compounds have traditional experiences, such as cinnabar, ginseng, pearls, velvet antler, fragrant, bovine yellow, amber, fridge, agarwood and sandalwood. The ultrafine pulverizer is a new technique that has rapidly developed in the past 20 years. It has a very important fact that it has a very important factor of improving the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine and drug quality, reduces resource waste and consumption, improving enterprise and social economic benefits. During late, the development has been very rapid in recent years and has revealed unique advantages and broad prospects. The ultrafine pulverizer solves many problems in the pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine, but companies still need some problems during use. Among them, the pulverizer is one of the common faults in the use of the crusher, which may have problems in the tool design, but some technicians say more due to improper use of operation. If the feed speed is too fast, the load is increased, resulting in blockage. During the feed, pay attention to the current table pointer deflection angle, if the rated current is exceeded, indicating that the motor is overloaded, and the motor will be burn down the motor. This situation should be reduced or closed immediately, or the feed is changed, and the feed amount is controlled by increasing the feeder. In addition, the discharge pipe is not smooth or the feed is too fast, and the crushing machine is blocked; if it matches the delivery equipment, it will cause the discharge pipe to reduce or block the wind. After the failure, you should first clear the delivery device that does not match the delivery, adjust the amount of feed, so that the equipment is operating normally. The ultrafine powder of Chinese medicine is the extension of the coarse powder of Chinese medicine, but it is different from ultrafine powder in other industries, which should pay attention to many matters when crushing Chinese medicine. For example, the pharmaceutical part of Chinese medicine is complex, including flowers, leaves, roots, stems, and whole plants, etc., the nature of various parts is very different. In addition, during the use of ultrafine pulverizer, it is also necessary to pay attention to the details of all aspects, thereby ensuring efficient use of the ultrafine pulverizer.