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Ultrafine pulverizer operation method, avoid misunderstanding!

When the ultrafine pulverizer is smashing the operator how to operate, we should avoid the biggest effects of the ultrafine pulverizer to achieve our expectations, let's analyze the analysis! 1, the ultrafine pulverizer should be placed on the ground. 3. Check that each component is firm and reliable before booting. Everything is normal and works. 2. Pick the processed material before work, no metal, stone, etc., hard substances are mixed into the machine, so as not to damage the parts or failures. 4, turn on the power, idle for 1-2 minutes, check whether the operation is normal, everything is normal, can be pushed. When the ultrafine pulverizer works, the operator cannot leave. Once the sound is abnormal, the power should be disconnected immediately. When processing raw materials, the discharge port should be tiered with a long cloth bag. 5, if the ultrafine pulverizer is in use, if you encounter the power supply voltage, do not use it, so as not to damage the motor.