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Pin mill for powder coating

Pin mill for powder coating

The drying and dispersing modified rotor mill is a very efficient mechanical mill with multiple rotors on its vertical shaft. Multi-layer grinding cutter head, strong shearing force and breaking power, can be connected to hot air source for multiple purpo

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General introduction to Pin mill for powder coating

  Principle and characteristics: when the equipment is running at high speed, it drives the strong air flow, so that the agglomerated powder particles stay in the stator of the equipment, and the stator is designed as a special groove. The strong vortices formed by wind pressure and wind speed will produce shear force, friction force and centrifugal force, which can quickly break the materials into single particles and reduce them to the original particle size or natural crystal particles.

Advantages of Pin mill for powder coating

  The two needle discs in the mill rotate at high speed in opposite directions;

  The fineness of the product is achieved by adjusting the speed of the dial;

  The machine is easy to clean, just open the grinding door;

  The material should not exceed Mohs hardness 3;

  No sieve, smooth discharge, high capacity and low operation cost; dual power can be used to achieve a linear speed above 200m/s to obtain greater crushing power.

Working principle of Pin mill for powder coating

  Working Principle

  The materials are uniformly fed into the grinding chamber by the feeding system, and are strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding movable disk. At the same time, they are subjected to various comprehensive forces such as friction, shearing, and collision between the static disk and the gear ring, so that the materials are crushed. According to the different properties of the materials, the grinding movable disk and the static disk can be combined with different structures to meet the crushing needs of different materials.

Technical Data of Pin mill for powder coating

Parameter / Model 160 250 360 500 630 800 1000
Diameter of coarse grinding disc (mm) 180 270 380 580 640 750 1000
Rotating speed of coarse grinding disc (r/min) 9000 6000 4680 2480 2300 2150 1800
Linear speed of coarse grinding disc (m/s) 84.8 84.8 93.1 75.3 77.1 84.4 94.2
Ground power (kW) 4 7.5 22 37 45 55 75
Dual power (kW)     22+30   2x55    
Diameter of micronized grinding disc (mm) 160 260 360 520 630 730 1000
Air volume (m³/h)(max) 360 1000 2400 3200 5700 7500 10000
Micro powder type speed (r/min) 12000 7500 5550 3850 3200 2800 2050
Linear speed of micro-powder grinding disc (m/s) 100.5 102.1 104.6 104.8 105.6 107.0 107.3
Micro powder type power (kW) 4 7.5 22 37 55 75 90


  The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above parameters are for reference only, please consult our engineers for details.

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