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Super microblocking machine is good or how to choose slowly!

  In today's society, everyone pays attention to the maximum role, let a thing play the biggest role, then let's take a look at the strength and slow speed in the ultrafine pulverizer, where is the role?

  Strong ultrafine pulverizer and slow ultrafine pulverizer: the advantages and disadvantages of strong ultra-microfear: the cutting speed of the knife is fast, the impact crushing combines the cutting of the tool, for most plastic, rubber, Chinese herbal medicines, wood Plastic products have a good crushing effect. And the pulverization power is widely selected, and the small machine can be used in the chance of shredding and installing an immediate recovery device, saving human material and turnover time. The large machine can achieve a concentrated comminution, high yield, can also be configured with large recycled bag fan, pulverized, and the smashing material is blown to the storage bucket. Compared with the slow ultrafine pulverizer, the strong ultra-fine pulverizer is large, and the powder is not even as uniform as the slow ultra-microfinner. Slow mute ultrafine pulverizer advantages and disadvantages: slow speed, teeth, uniform particles, no screen, easy to clean, can be configured to recover immediately, realize the ratio of pulverization and raw materials. Small noise, noise value is about 20 dB during idle. Most of them are used in the chance of chance, and the slow ultrafine pulverizer is only suitable for the pulverization of hard plastic, and the pulverization power is relatively small. Three-handed tab knife, the difference from the claw knife type ultrafine pulverizer: three-handed tab knife ultrafine pulverizer, the knife blade is relatively large, installed on the tool holder, cut, fast. After the tool is blunt, remove the grinding and reuse, the moving knife position is adjustable to ensure that the cutting is moving, and the knife is reasonable. Tri-winning claw knife ultrafine pulverizer, the knife blade is relatively small, mounted under the tool holder, the thick member products and large block, the rubber block is stronger, the original double-sided knife, after the tool blunt Simply use the tool replacement direction to continue, there is no need to adjust the tool gap when installing, and the tool can be pushed forward. Tri-winning super microat machine work: bad items or water ports need to be smashing materials, investment in the pound, the product is independently incorporated into the crushing room, and the tool is crushed in the rotation process, and the knife and fixed knife Mutual cutting, dropping the material and falls, and the small particles fall into the refrigerator through the screen hole, and unclear larger particles are further cut until the particle size required for the screen hole is reached. Sanduobao beverage bottle, plastic bottle, bottle embryo special ultrafine pulverizer: mineral water bottle, beverage bottle, plastic bottle and bottle embryos, due to beverage bottle and mineral water bottle and bottle of raw materials are PET, frictionIt is easy to generate static electricity to adhere to the crushing bottle on the tool and screen, which is not easy to apply. The three-sized super-microfiner uses high-speed steel bonding tools, using the top of the tool, enhances the cutting function, and the screen is made of hard chrome treatment.

  At the same time, because the circular ambulatory hollow jar is in the pulverization process, it is easy to bounce in the crushing room and cannot be pulverized. The three-sized super-pulverizer adopts the hollow tool holder, so that the tool rotation can have a large rotation diameter, hug, hug, crush and cut, make the crushing more smooth three to create TPU, TPR, TPE, PU, Elastomeric ultrafine pulverizer such as rubber: TPU, TPR, TPE, PU, ​​rubber and other soft plastic, unable to break, can only rely on the sharp knife of the tool, while such plastic is very easy because of friction warming It is easy to adhere. The three-creatored ultra-fine pulverizer adopts SKH-9 tool, the cutting force is excellent, and the water circulation is installed on the body box, keep the body to operate at low temperatures, reduce the adhesion of the material, make the lower material smoother, improve the pulverization Effect. The characteristics of San Shengkou Slow Sort Mute Ultrafine Crusher:

  1. The noise is very low, and the noise during idle is 15-30 dB

  2. The feed hopper and the receiving box are stainless steel, and the raw material

  3 is not contaminated. The tooth fragments make the cutting particles uniform

  4. No screen design, rarely producing powder

  5. The crushing room and the knife can be opened, and it is very convenient to clean up

  6. The crushing chamber operates the steel plate to be easily opened for easy cleaning

  7. The recycling system can be installed, and the powder is immediately recovered and avoiding the tide

  8. The recycling system is equipped with a dryer base, and the new and old materials simultaneously enters the injection molding machine, which is characterized by the three-handed power ultra-fine pulverizer for the process of mixing new old materials: 1. Imported high quality motors, stable operation, low noise. 2. Depending on the crushing material, high quality tools such as SKD whole steel, SKH-9 high-speed steel, make the crushing, and the tool is more durable. Original claw knife double-sided knife, the direction of replacement of the tool wear can continue to use, reduce the number of tool abrasions. The structure is beautiful, small, installed, and mobile convenient 5. The pulverized cabinet is sandwiched, and the insulated material is filled, effectively reducing the working noise 6. The whole steel rack and the seat are strengthened. 7. After the pulverization chamber is provided, the double sealing device is provided, and the tool body is tightly, preventing the powder from venting the housing to increase the motor load. 8. Large machine can be installed in a circulating water system to effectively reduce the operating temperature of the body