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The development of traditional Chinese medicine develops rapidly - the ultrafine pulverizer will be

  The ultra-fine pulverizer has an irreplaceable role in the pharmaceutical industry. The ultra-fine pulverizer in today's society is widely used, and the ultrafine pulverizer of the traditional Chinese medicine industry is also continuously improved technology. It is also gradually entering the international market in all aspects of our technology. .


  China should gradually achieve the transformation from the manufacturing big country to the manufacturing power, so the consensus has been long. The pharmaceutical machine manufacturing is the engine and heart of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, especially the major technical equipment, is a specific embodiment of a country's comprehensive national strength. In 2013, China has implemented in-depth implementation of industrial transformation and upgrading planning and strategic emerging industrial development planning, high-end drug machine manufacturing will usher in an important development opportunity. Although my country will still increase its implementation in the new GMP and medical pollution control, these must drive domestic demand, but these must have a cycle from bidding to procurement construction, relatively slow, drug machine manufacturing that has declined in growth in my country. In terms of the promotion in the short term. Such as the new trend report of the industry development, etc., and this also uses this as a driving force to promote itself in innovation; and product innovation is always the continuous improvement of their own strength, expanding the development space, and many lead enterprises It is a good description of product innovation practices. With the encouragement and support of national policies, all parts of the country have made great efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of drug engine manufacturing industry. China's economy has developed into an important transition period, and the pharmaceutical machinery industry is a key chess piece in national strategic transformation. Industry instructor analyzes that the investment prospects in the Chinese pharmaceutical machinery industry have vast. The future replacement trend of the pharmaceutical machine industry is obvious. From the experience experience in the past, the low-end field in the China Pharmaceutical industry has basically realized domestic, domestic and high-end fields are gradually replacing imports with cost, channel, and service, and is expected to go out of the country. The competition in the international market.