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The pace of ultrafine pulverizer promotes the development of traditional Chinese medicine

  In recent years, with the heat of Chinese medicine, the pharmaceutical community of Chinese medicine has produced a strong interest in the unique effect of Chinese medicine, and a large number of high-tech technologies are in the process of traditional Chinese medicine. In the process, the ultrafine pulverizer technology is in traditional pharmaceutical processing. China's application is increasingly attracting people's attention, then let's take a look at the ultrafine crusher!

  Crush is an important part of Chinese herbal medication and the production process of traditional Chinese medicine preparations. Due to the uniform overheating during the pulverization, the plant pulverizer is carried out in a low temperature, and the pulverization speed is fast, and thus the bioactive material and various nutrients in Chinese herbal materials are largely preserved, and the efficacy can be improved. With the development of high-tech and new materials industry, my country's related industries put forward higher requirements for crushing equipment. The ultrafine pulverized equipment has been late, but in recent years, it has been very rapid and has broad development prospects. According to reports, ultrafine crushing technology is a new comminuted technology developed to adapt to modern technical requirements, which can process raw materials into micrometers or even nanoscale fine powder, which is already chemical, food, pesticides, cosmetics, dyes, coatings, Electronic, aerospace, etc. have been widely used in many fields. With the rapid development of modern industrial technology and pharmaceutical science, the mutual penetration of the discipline, the particle fine, the efficacy, and the amount of medicinal has become the inevitable trend of the development of Chinese medicine preparation, and ultrafine crushing technology is adapting to this requirement, will be developed to A new height. In fact, the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine are closely related to the composition and nature of the Chinese medicine itself. Traditional Chinese medicine and general inorganic minerals have both commonality and their own characteristics, which have a wide variety of, constituent composition and structural complexity, and ultra-fine pulverization of Chinese medicine is mainly broken. Chinese medicine crush is not simple equivalent to conventional crushing, it determines the choice of pulverization force and determines the selection of pulverized equipment. The ultrafine pulverizer is to use modern fine powder technology to handle Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese medicine extracts, and traditional Chinese medicine preparations. The development and application prospects are very broad, and the ultra-fine pulverization technology of traditional Chinese medicine has exposed unique advantages in Chinese medicine production. This technology improves the cell breakage rate, specific surface area, effective component dissolution, bioavailability, can enhance pharmacological effects, reduce the amount of medication, saving medicinal materials, protecting resources, and improving the smell, taste, and improving drug quality. Today, the ultra-fine pulverizer has been widely used in food, health products, Chinese medicine processing, Ganoderma lucidum powder, pine pollen, bee pollen, etc., greatly promotes the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.exhibition.