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El Pieces Apparatus for you to decrypt zirconia gas flow crusher

  According to the physical properties of the battery powder, the physical properties of the negative electrode material, using different devices to perform pulverization grading to achieve the optimum output ratio. According to the large number of successful cases of many companies and battery powders, I use our battery powder special mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding (effectively reducing the use of production equipment) to achieve the effect of pulverization; for lithium batteries, The nickel-hydrogen battery specific material can be pulverized by fluidized bed. High purity requirements, anti-oxidation can be used with inert gas protection pulverization charters, isolated oxygen sealing production.Zirconium oxide is an important high temperature resistant material, ceramic insulating material, and ceramic sunscreen, is also the main raw material of artificial drill, mainly used in piezoelectric ceramic products, daily ceramics, refractory materials and precious metal smelting zirconia , Zirconium tubes, crucible, etc., are also used to produce steel and non-ferrous metals, optical glass and zirconia fibers, also for ceramic pigments, electrostatic coatings, and paint. Therefore, zirconia is an application very widely important material, so the ultra-fine pulverization of zirconia has also caused many manufacturers' attention, because of its high hardness, it is easy to cause wear of crushing equipment, which will cause wear due to wear The pollution of materials, while El Piese Technology has successfully solved this problem, and targeted launched special

  zirconia gas current pulverizer, the following small series to detail the zirconia gas flow pulverizer The principle and advantage. El Pieces Based on the physical properties and finished purity requirements of zirconia, El Piennium Polyproductive, selected in the air current pulverizer and airflow classifier, increased wear resistance, reducing zirconia to the impact of the equipment, increase the service life of the equipment And precisely control the iron content of zirconia in the pulverization process.

  The gas stream pulverization charter of the full protective ceramic liner has the following performance advantages:

  1, dry pulverization of various materials suitable for the following materials, especially suitable for high hardness, high purity and high additional additional A crushing of items.

  2, the breakthrough of particle acceleration technology, greatly improves the pulverization efficiency, reducing energy consumption, small pulverization, good granular shape, narrow particle size distribution, no large particles, product particle size D97 = 3-74 microns Arbitrary adjustment.

  3, during the pulverization process, due to the sharp expansion of the airflow, the airflow temperature is lowered, especially for thermal sensitivity, low melting point, and volatile material.

  4, the material collides with each other, different from mechanical and pulverizationCrushing the impact of the material against the blade or hammer, plus a full range of ceramic lining, so the equipment is small, and the product is high.

  5, can be used in series with the multi-stage airflow classifier, producing a plurality of particle size sections at a time.

  6, the ceramic liner is pulverized, the equipment is compact, the disassembly and cleaning is convenient, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles.

  7, complete system full negative pressure closed operation, no dust, low noise, clean environmental protection.

  8, the dust collector adopts "El Pieces Technology" special anti-stick dust collector technology, eliminating problems such as negative pressure and hyperanerators.

  El Piennium Technology was used in

  ceramic lining airflow pulverization changing machine successfully solved the wear problem of zirconia to the equipment to prevent contamination of material due to wear, ensuring the purity of the material. The instruction of the zirconia gas flow pulverizer has been highly evaluated and recognized by the industry users. The El Piese Technology will make persistent efforts, develop, update the product technology, and make a contribution to the development of new materials.

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