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Pulse dust collector

Pulse dust collector

The gas box pulse bag type dust collector is the advantages of the collector such as the back blowing and jet pulse in the collection chamber.

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General introduction to Pulse dust collector

  The gas box pulse bag type dust collector is the advantages of the collector such as the back blowing and jet pulse in the collection chamber. It overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient kinetic energy intensity and simultaneous cleaning and filtration of the air box pulse during the back blowing of the chamber. Therefore, it enhances the adaptability of the application, improves the dust collection efficiency, and extends the service life of the filter bag. It can not only be used as crusher, dryer, coal mill, raw material grinding, cement grinding, The packing machine and dust collection equipment at the top of each warehouse can be used as the process of vertical grinding (500g/nm3) with high export concentration and O-SEPA powder separator (1000g/nm3), and ensure the outlet concentration is less than 50mg/nm. The filter material is made of polyester needle felt, with an average service life of more than two years and temperature resistance of 120 years ° C. if the Rumax filter material is used, the temperature resistance can reach 220 ° C. the filter bag has no venturi tube at the upper mouth, nor spray pipe, which reduces the working resistance of the factory, makes the maintenance and maintenance quite simple. The number of electromagnetic pulse valves is 1-2, and the specifications are 11 / 2 "and 21 / 2 inch. It is developed according to the American products. Compared with the similar products in China, it adopts double diaphragm structure, which has the characteristics of sensitive control, high efficiency and long life, At the same time, our factory also has the direct import of foreign electromagnetic pulse valve, for the user to choose. At present, this kind of bag dust collector has been widely used, especially in the cement industry.

Advantages of Pulse dust collector

  Structure: the main structure of the air box type dust remover is composed of four parts: the box body of the hopper, the bag room, the ash hopper and the air inlet and outlet, and is equipped with a pillar, a ladder, a railing, an air circuit system, an ash cleaning control system, etc.

  (1) Box body: the box body is mainly used to fix the bag cage, filter bag and the original parts of the air path, and is made into a fully closed form. When cleaning, compressed air first enters the box body and rushes into the interior of each filter bag. The top of the box body is made into a 1.5 "inclined plane, which can prevent water accumulation when used outdoors. There is also a manhole inspection door on the top. It is very convenient to install and replace the filter bags and bag cages here. According to different specifications, the box body is divided into several chambers, which are separated by steel plates and airtight to each other, so as to realize offline ash cleaning. Each chamber is equipped with a lifting valve to cut off the filtered flue gas flow.

  (2) The bag chamber is located at the lower part of the box, which is mainly used to hold the bag cage and bag cage, and form a filter space. The flue gas purification is mainly carried out here. The same box is also divided into several chambers according to different specifications, and separated by steel plates, so as to prevent the drying between the chambers during ash cleaning, and form a fixed settlement space at the same time.

  (3) The ash hopper is arranged at the lower part of the bag room, which is used as the main air inlet pipe (lower air inlet type) in addition to storing the collected dust. When the dust gas enters into the bag chamber, it enters into the ash hopper first. Because the content of the ash hopper is large, the gas flow speed is reduced. In addition, the change of e-Flow direction makes the coarse dust particles separated here. There are screw conveyor or air chute and other conveying equipment in the ash hopper, and rotary discharger or flap valve and other air locking equipment at the outlet, which can continuously discharge ash.

  (4) According to the structure of the dust collector, the air inlets and outlets of 32 series are cylindrical, which are directly welded on the side plate of the ash hopper. The air outlets are arranged at the lower part of the box and the side of the bag chamber, which are connected with the inside of the box through the lifting valve plate hole. The air inlets and outlets of other series are arranged at the side of the bag chamber, between the box and the ash hopper, and the middle part is separated into two parts by an inclined clapboard, Although the volume of this structure is larger, the air flow distribution is uniform, and the effect of pre dust collection in the ash hopper is good. It is suitable for the occasions with high dust concentration in flue gas.

Working principle of Pulse dust collector

  When the dust containing flue gas enters the ash hopper from the air inlet, part of the coarse dust particles fall into the ash hopper due to inertia collision, natural settlement and other principles. Most of the dust particles enter the bag room with the air flow. After being filtered by the filter bag, the dust particles are blocked outside the filter bag. The purified flue gas enters the box from the inside of the filter bag, and then is discharged into the atmosphere through the valve plate hole and the air outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of dust collection and purification, With the continuous filtration process, the dust deposition on the outside of the filter bag is gradually increasing, so that the running resistance of the dust collector is gradually increasing. When the resistance increases to the preset value (1245-1470pa), the ash cleaning controller generates a signal, which first controls the lifting valve to close the valve plate hole, Cut off the filtered flue gas flow, stop the filtration process, and then open the electromagnetic pulse valve to inject compressed air with a pressure of 0.5-0.7mpa in a very short time (0.1-0.15s). The compressed air expands rapidly in the box and flows into the inside of the filter bag, causing deformation and vibration of the filter bag. Coupled with the effect of the reverse air flow, the dust outside the filter bag is removed and falls into the ash hopper. After the ash cleaning is completed, the dust is removed, The lifting valve is opened again, and the dust collector enters the filtering state again. The working principle mentioned above is only the case of one working room. In fact, the air box pulse dust collector is composed of several working rooms. When cleaning, each working room is carried out in sequence, and the process is off-line cleaning. The utility model has the advantages that the ash cleaning room and the filtering working room do not interfere with each other, the continuous operation is realized, and the work efficiency is improved.

Technical Data of Pulse dust collector

  As a new type of efficient pulse dust collectors improved based on bag filters, the pulse dust collector features higher dust collection efficiency, stronger adaptability and longer service life, widely used in dust separation and material recycling of non-fiber industrial dust from all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises, such as metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry and mines.

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